31 October 2010

C'est l'Halloween!

Halloween has been one of my favorite holidays since as long as I can remember second only to Christmas. With my birthday being only 4 days before Halloween I have always had a Halloween birthday party. This year was nothing short of the same. On Friday we invited some friends over and through a late night Halloween bash. I went as Lady Gaga and my hubby was Wooderson from Dazed and Confused. Here are some pictures from the party.
                                               Snacks & Drinks Table
                                               Beer & Orange Soda
                                               My hubby's famous Jungle Juice
                                                         Part of our Decorations
                                              Our somewhat creepy living room. Even my dog looks insane! lol
Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Where are pictures with you & hubbster in costume? So glad you had a great time and decorations and food look great!

  2. Next year I swear I am going to have a real Halloween party! Yours looks like fun, but I agree we really need some photos of you and the hubs all dressed up!!

  3. Your food presentation is so cute! Looks like fun!