27 October 2010

Another Year Older

The Big 22.
Feels like just yesterday I was turning 21. This year has FLOWN by. At first the realization of 22 scared me a bit. You wait so many years to turn 21 and after a year it's over and you are 22 and begin to dread every year after that. I always joke with my hubby about how he's almost halfway to 50(he'll be 25 in March). I refuse to get older. Age is just a number :) I will always be young at heart! So now there is my rant haha so now on to the good stuff!

My day started at 7:30am when baby girl decided to get up two hours earlier than the norm. My hubby had just walked in the door from work and offered to get up with her and feed her breakfast so I could lay in bed an extra hour. I was so tired it felt good to sleep a little longer!
These beautiful flowers were delivered to me this morning at around 11am. They are from a good friend back in Ohio. Last year she sent me roses as well and I have always said flowers are one the most thoughtful gifts you can get someone!!  I love these roses and they are displayed proudly on my book shelf in my living room!
We headed for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory-one of my favorite restaurants- where we enjoyed a yummy dinner with great friends! I partake in the delicious Chicken Teriyaki, Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake and hot chocolate! yummmm! It was a very expensive dinner but so worth it. I am so glad my hubby offered to take me there! He is Mr. Wonderful :) My hubby still has not revealed my bday gift yet but I will find out in the morning. I can't wait! My mamma let me pick out a pair of over the knee sexy boots for my birthday and ordered them for me! I can't wait to get them! I am a heeled boot fanatic!

Overall, my day was pretty great. It's not the same not having all my friends from my homestate here as well as my mamma and other family but I am so happy to have my amazing husband and beautiful daughter here:) Hope you guys had a great October 27th! If anyone wants to bake a cake and send it...that would be fine haha kidding of course but I would have love cake on my bday..but I think the cheesecake was a viable replacement :)


  1. Sounds like a good day to me. lol And yes have been having trouble for a while now. Thank you for your positive thoughts. We need them. haha =]

  2. Happy Birthday to you!!

    Don't worry, 22 isn't nearly as scary as 29. Promise. :)

  3. Eek your birthday is the same day as my husbands!! How funny. He turned 23 and I made him cookies and put legos all over them (he really likes Legos).
    Anyways Happy Birthday! =D