01 November 2010


On Saturday my hubby got called in to work overnight so we didn't get to carve pumpkins until yesterday. My hubby has never bought a pumpkin, let alone carved one. Carving pumpkins has been a tradition in my family like it is in most. We purchased our pumpkins and Saturday and yesterday got to carving. When we got the stems out my hubby was completely grossed out by all the stuff inside. He said that he though once you opened the pumpkin it would be hollow with nothing inside. He was not too fond of the mushy stuff he had to scoop out. We kept the seeds which are currently in a bowl waiting for me to cook them(something my mom used to do every halloween-so yummy!). Overall, we had fun carving our pumpkins. Here they are:
This is my pumpkin. So it's a little unoriginal but I thought it would be neat.
And my hubby's pumpking. Team Coco!(Conan O' Brien). We are HUGE fans of Conan and can't wait for his new show to start in a week from today! Only one parent last night noticed our COCO pumpkin but my hubby was so glad someone did.

We sat in our garage with the candy and some halloween music. We only had about 25-30 trick or treaters unfortunately. We have a huge neighborhood and were expecting a lot more. Overall it was a great weekend!! Hope your Halloween was great too!! What did you do?

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