01 September 2010

House Hunting

My husband comes back VERY soon and I will be heading back to Florida in just under two weeks. When he deployed we moved out of base housing and put all of our belongings in storage. I moved in with my mom in a different state and have been here all summer. So, as of right now we are homeless. I have searched high and low for houses online but haven't had much luck. I officially hate house hunting. At this point, I wouldn't even mind living back on base or in an off base apartment(which would save us a lot of money!!) but my husband is completely against both of those ideas. I want to live close to the base and he wants to be an hour away. Very frustrating and stressful. Anyone have any tips on finding a house for rent?


  1. what area of tampa are you guys wanting? I have firends that live in Tampa I can ask.

    p.s. I just left you a voicemail. :)

  2. My husband really wanted a house too but then changed his mind when I showed him the difference in house v. apartment rental for the year.

    Maybe you guys could stay in a month-to-month apartment until you find the place you'd like to move into?

    I wish I could be more help!

    And P.S., I'm passing along a blog award to you! http://ckorea2323.blogspot.com/2010/09/pumped.html

    Have a great week!