02 September 2010

Another award!!! So much love going around!

I received another award!! I received this award from two separate wonderful ladies! First, I have to thank thepunkrockmom because she gave me this award last week although like the insane mamma I am...I got sidetracked and never posted about my award!! So thank you so much thepunkrockmom! She is a great friend and an awesome blogger!! You BETTER check her out!!! CLICK HERE to visit her blog!!

Secondly, I received this award from the lovely lady of Outside the Lines. Her blog is awesome and once that I have begun to love!! Her posts are so interesting and you can tell she puts a lot of thought into what she writes!! PLEASE Check her out...click here!

Thanks to both of you wonderful ladies!!!!!!

I recevied the Blogger Buddy Award : )

The Rules:

*thank the person that gave you the award

*list 7 things about you that you haven't revealed to the bloggy-verse as of yet

* pass them on to the bloggers that deserve them

So seven things about me...hmmmm....

1))) I have a serious Cherry Coke addiction! But have switched to cherry coke zero because I am on a weight loss journey(but I drink water 90% of the time)

2))) I speak french and love french culture. Dream: to visit and explore all of france.

3))) I am a book warm who is obsessed with Nicholas Sparks books.

4))) I love math.

5))) YES, I like Jersey Shore, Real World, and most all of MTV's junk reality shows. I once attended an audition for the Real World.

6))) Dashboard Confessional is my favorite band ever. Period. I have met everyone in the band except for Chris Carrabba. If I met him, I would probably pee myself. He is the man.

7))) I love and am such a sap for weddings. I cry even when I see them on TV. They are so beautiful!!

Now onto the bloggers I am passing this award to...

1^The Liberato Lifestyle
2^Polished Portrayal
3^Amber's Journey
4^Life As a Navy Wife
5^Moore to Love

Check those bloggers out and give them some blogger love!!!


  1. I am so flattered! Thank you! (following the first rule).

    Things That I Haven't Posted About:

    1. I am totally convinced that cats are evil. I KNOW that millions of people find a ton of love and comfort from them, which is wonderful. I just personally think they're evil and a little bit out to get me. Have you NOT seen Lady and the Tramp?

    2. Abner pooped in his kennel while we were out for dinner. Perhaps dogs are evil as well.

    3. I have insane garlic breath right now, but with my husband overseas, there's no one to call me on it. See? There are benefits to a deployment.

    4. I have an insane insomnia problem.

    5. My son started saying "Mama" again. When I asked him who the fattiest little fatty in the world is, covering him with kisses. Apparently, I need to hit the gym.

    6. I have not blow dried my hair in over a month.

    7. My knee needs to be checked out by a doctor asap. I'm pretty sure it needs to be amputated. Pretty sure.

  2. Thank you so much! I can't wait to pass it on to all my favorite blog buddies! :]

  3. You are so welcome my dear! You deserve it and much more! Your blog rocks!