30 August 2010

A Playlist: Songs for Deployment

I'm not sure about all of you but music is what gets me through life. Especially during deployments. I have playlists for everything I do and this is my deployment playlist...

1* Come Home Soon- SHeDaisy

"I sleep alone, I cry alone. Without you this house is not a home so please, come home soon"

2* Talking to The Moon- Bruno Mars

"I know you're somewhere out there, somewhere far away. I want you back, I want you back. My neighbors think I'm crazy but they don't understand you're all I have, you're all I have. At night when the stars light up my room I sit by myself talking to the moon trying to get to you in hopes you're on the other side talking to me too..."

3* Just a Dream- Carrie Underwood

"Baby, why'd you leave me, why'd you have to go? I was counting on forever, now I'll never know. I can't even breathe. It's like I'm looking from a distance standing in the back ground everybody's saying, 'He's not coming home now'. This can't be happening to me, this is just a dream"

4* I Will Not Say Goodbye- Danny Gokey

"Sometimes the road just ends. It changes everything you've been and all that's left to be is empty, broken, lonely, hoping. I'm supposed to be strong, I'm supposed to find a way to carry on. I don't wanna feel better, I don't wanna not remember. I will always see your face, in the shadows of this haunted place. I will laugh, I will cry, shake my fist at the sky but I will not say goodbye"

5* Have You Forgotten- Darryl Worley

"I hear people saying, 'we don't need this war' but I say there's some things worth fighting for. What about our freedom? and this piece of ground? We didn't get to keep 'em by backing down. They say we don't realize the mess we're gettin' in. Before yous tart your preaching let me ask you this my friend...Have you forgotten how it felt that day to see your homeland under fire and her people blown away?"

6* Travelin' Soldier- Dixie Chicks

"I cried, never gonna hold the hand of another guy. Too young for him they told her waitin' for the love of a travelin' soldier. Our love will never end waitin' for the soldier to come back again. Never more to be alone when the letter said, 'a soldier's coming home' "

7* 1234- Plain White T's

"There's only one way to say those three words that's what I'll do, I love you. Give me more lovin' from the very start, piece me back together when I fall apart."

8* Keep Holding On- Avril Lavigne

" You're not alone. Together we stand. I'll be your side you know I'll take your hand. When it gets cold and it feels like the end there's no place to go you know I won't give in, I won't give in Keep holding on cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through. Just stay strong"

9* Sleeping to Dream- Jason Mraz

"And as I lay me down tonight I close my eyes, what a beautiful sight. Sleeping to dream about you and I'm so tired of having to live without you but I don't might. Sleeping to dream about you and I'm so tired"

10* Never Alone- BarlowGirl

"I waited for you today but you didn't show, no no no. I needed you today so where did you go? You told me to call, said you'd be there and though I haven't seen you are you still there? I cry out with no reply and I can't feel you by my side so I'll hold tight to what I know, you're here and I'm never alone."

11* Wake Me Up When September Ends- Green Day

"Here comes the rain again, falling from the stars. Drenched in my pain again becoming who we are. As my memory rests but never forgets what I lost. Wake me up when September ends."

12* Here Without You- 3 Doors Down

"I'm here with you baby but you're still on my lonely mind. I dream about you baby and I think about you all the time. I'm here without you baby but you're still with me in my dreams and tonight it's only you and me"

13* Far Away- Nickelback

"I love you, I've loved you all along. I miss you, been far away for far too long."

14* Home- Blake Shelton

"Baby, surrounded by a million people I still feel all alone. I wanna go home, I miss you you know. Been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you, each one a line or two, 'I'm fine baby how are you'. I would send them but I know that it's just not enough. My words were cold and flat and you deserve more than that."

15* I Don't Want to Miss a Thing- AeroSmith

"I could stay awake just to hear you breathing, watch you smile while you are sleeping while you're far away dreaming. I could spend my life in this sweat surrender, I could stay lost in this moment forever. Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure"

16* Better Together- Jack Johnson

"Love is the answer at least for most of the questions in my heart, like Why are we here? and where do we go? and how come it's so hard? It's not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving. I'll tell you one thing, it's so much better when we're together"

17* Your Call- Secondhand Serenade

"Waiting for your call I'm sick, call I'm angry, call I'm desperate for your voice listening to the song we used to sing in the car. do you remember?
....cause I was born, to tell you I love you and I am torn to do what I have to"

18* Letters From War- Mark Schultz(((this is the song my husband danced with his mom to at our wedding reception. BEAUTIFUL song about a mother who's son is in the military)))

"You're good, and you're brave what a father that you'll be some day. Make it home, make it safe. She wrote every night as she prayed"

19* Free- Zac Brown Band((The music video is the band playing a USO show overseas))

"Just as free, free as we'll ever be. Just as free, free as we'll ever be."

20* Wherever You Will Go- The Calling

"So lately I've been wondering who will be there to take my place. When I'm gone you'll need love to light the shadows on your face. If a great wave shall fall it'll upon us all. In between the sand and stone could you make it on your own. If I could, then I would go wherever you will go"

21* Home- Chris Daughtry

"I'm going home, to the place where I belong where your love has always been enough for me."

22* I Miss You- Blink 182

"Where are you and I'm so sorry. I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight I need somebody and always"

23* When You're Gone- Avril Lavigne

"I always needed time on my own. I never thought I'd need you there when I cried and the days feel like years when I'm alone and the bed where you lie is made up on your side. When you walk away I count the steps that you take. Do you see how much I need you right now? When you're gone the pieces of my heart are missing you"

24* Hero's Song- Brendan James

" Here I am in the desert again. A compass and a weapon, a lost American.... Fall out, fall out with the rest of your brothers, with the rest of your sisters, heroes on the line"

25* Where'd you go?- Fort Minor

"Where'd you go? I miss you so. Seems like it's been forever since you've been gone. She said, "Some days I feel like shit, some days I wanna quit and just be normal for a bit. I don't understand why you have to always be gone, I get along but the trips always feel so long and I find myself tryin' to stay by the phone cause your voice always helps me to not feel so alone but I feel like an idiot workin' my day around a call that when I pick up I don't have much to say"

26* From Where You Are- Lifehouse

"So far away from where you are, these miles have torn us worlds apart and I miss you, yeah I miss you. So far away from where you are, I'm standing underneath stars and I wish you were here. "

27* Even Now- Dashboard Confessional

"Even now I can smell your clothes, freshly from the wash still hot from the dryer. Even now I can smell your skin as I wrap you in a towel lay you on the bed and try to love you...and I always can find you again. Even in the dark of night, even in the lowest light, even as the world outside is spinning"

28* Living in Your Letters- Dashboard Confessional

"Pouring over photographs, I'm living in your letters. Breathe deeply from this envelope it smells like you and I can't be without your scent. It's filling me with all you mean to me."

29* American Soldier- Toby Keith

"I'm an American soldier, American beside my brothers and my sisters I will proudly take a stand....I'm out here on the front lines, sleep in peace tonight"

30* Citizen Soldier- 3 Doors Down((National guard tribute song)

"I walk beside you but you may not see me. The strongest among you may not wear a crown. Citizen Soldier"

Hope you enjoyed this list of songs!! I included a few lyrics for each song so you had an idea of what it was about. These songs are what get me through and I hope they can help all of you too! Do you have any songs not listed that are helping you survive a deployment or have helped in the past?? Comment with song titles, artists, and a short lyric from the song and I'll add them to my list!


  1. I really like "Never Alone" by Lady Antebellum. I listened to it for weeks.

    "Never alone, I'll be in every beat of your heart when you face the unknown. Where ever you fly, this isn't goodbye. My love will follow you, stay with you, baby you're never alone."

    Also, depending on what kind of music you like "The Promise" by Tracy Chapman

    "Remembering your touch, your kiss, your warm embrace. I'll find my way back to you. Please say you'll be waiting. Together again, it would feel so good to be in your arms where all my journeys end..."

  2. I love Travelin' Soldier a la Dixie Chicks!! I haven't listened to it in forever!

  3. I haven't heard from him in about 2 weeks as well, he told me they were in their final stages of deciding, so I assume we will be notified soon....but that is just my guess. Good luck to you!!!!!

  4. My husband is in basic training right now. This is the longest we have ever been apart, and its hard on me. Music does make it easier to get threw this alone. A few songs that I listen to every day to help me is: Alone In This Bed (Capeside) by Framing Hanley, Pieces by Red, Never Gonna Be Alone by Nickelback, Far Away by Nickelback, and Home by Daughtry. I hope these help you like they help me.

    -Stacy Doffin
    Proud Navy Wife

    1. My husband left for basic training 3 days ago. Ive never been away from him before, and its been really hard. Im so thankful for all the support websites that I am finding. I just really want my husband back right now.

  5. I downloaded at least 4 of these while reading this, and already had most of them, it is a great list. May I also recommend "My Love follows you where you go" by Alison Krauss. It is one of my favorites.

    Proud Army Girlfriend

  6. Mallary Hope - Love Lives On

    I reached for you this morning
    Woke up with empty arms
    Once again it's sinking in
    How far away you are
    I still pour two cups of coffee
    And tell you all about my dreams
    This kitchen's way too quiet
    You should still be here with me

    Proud Navy Wife

  7. Thanks, Heather. I love this post so much! It helped me so much today (and will for the next 8 months).

  8. My husband left for afghanistan a month ago. I'm not coping very well but I pray for strength and Im hopeful that it will get easier. These songs help, Thank you :)
    Proud Army Wife <3

  9. Great post! I also love "Lover be strong" by Gavin Degraw

    Proud Navy Wife

  10. I am so thankful for all you wonderful ladies and these songs! I'm in the home stretch of my first deployment with my husband and I think these last 2 months have been the worst so far!
    Love, Nikki- Proud Army Wife Hooooah!

  11. My boyfriend just left for Kandahar two weeks ago for his first deployment. The time difference makes it a lot harder than when he was at Camp Shelby. We don't get to talk a lot so I write letters and listen to music while I do. This list is great I just added a lot more songs to the one I've already started. Two that I really love that aren't on here are "The Longer the Waiting the Sweeter the Kiss" by Josh Turner and "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz. "Back Home" by Charles Esten is also really good. It was on the show Nashville (the drama not the reality show =]) Grateful for the additional songs! Stay strong everyone!

  12. I really love most of those songs!i have a bunch already in my playlist! Another one i really is like is Story Of A Year-terrified Here in this town, safe and guarded
    We call it home, a feeling that we share
    Now I leave this place, clinging to hope
    And this midnight prayer
    If we hold our breath, float beyond this
    We'll be reborn, I will carry us home

    Are you still alive? Are you scared inside?
    Providence is blind when you're terrified
    Are you still alive? Are you scared inside?
    When we've reached the end of the road
    I will carry us home

    Oh no, if all I've said was only a hope
    Meaningless in truth now
    Will I expire holding the womb
    In safety for you
    If we make it through and I can save you
    With this heart I know, I will carry us home

    Are you still alive? Are you scared inside?
    Providence is blind when you're terrified
    Are you still alive? Are you scared inside?
    When we've reached the end of the road (Reached the end of the road)
    I will carry us home

    And now I'm so far away from you
    Will I be making any difference after leaving you all alone?
    Now I'm so far away from home
    Can I justify my actions after leaving you 
    Here in this town, safe and guarded, 

  13. and another favorite is When Angels Fly Away by Cold
    I cant be home tonight, i'll make it back its allright
    No one could ever love me half as good as you
    If you cant be strong tonight, love makes you sad its alright
    No one could ever worry half as good as you