29 August 2010

A Day in Charleston

Yesterday I spent the day in Charleston. Here is the second batch of pictures. If you missed my post last night you need to check it out. If you don't already know Charleston, SC is the location of where Army Wives is filmed. Check out my post here to see my tour of the sets where they film!! Alright, enough Army Wives now on to the pictures...

If you have never visited Charleston, I highly recommend it. This city has so much history to be discovered and so many beautiful landscapes to see. I fell in love with this place and wish I could return tomorrow!!


  1. I love Charleston. I like the picture that you took of the family statue.

  2. I love all of the photos you took! We've been stationed in the Charleston area for a year now, and even though we explore almost every weekend, we STILL haven't seen all there is to see! It's such a beautiful city with SO MUCH to see and do. I'm going to be a little sad when we move next year!

  3. Gorgeous pictures!

    One of my girlfriends moved to Charleston last year and is constantly uploading the most stunning, happy family photos at the beach.

    So jealous! I wish that we were closer to the ocean.

  4. I LOVE Charleston! It's one of my favorite places in SC. It's so gorgeous and full of amazing history. My mom lived in one of the houses on Rainbow Road when she was in college! It's definitely a place I'd love to settle down one day.
    And I love your pictures! You should come enter my photo challenge!