28 August 2010

My Tour of the Army Wives Set in Charleston, SC

So today I went and visited Charleston, South Carolina. It is the most beautiful town and has so much history. It also happens to be where they shoot my favorite show, Army Wives. I was lucky enough(okay..not all luck. I'm a huge dork and did tons of digging and research) to find a good majority of the real sets used in the show. I took pictures : ) Enjoy!!
The Hump Bar. 

Frank & Denise's front door

Frank & Denise's house
and again...
and yet again...
This park is called the River Front Park. It is so beautiful and happens to be where most of the park scenes take place(ie..when Joan suffers from the TBI and goes running)
Set piece markings on the porch of the Holden's house...most likely to mark where furniture goes
You will know it is an Army Wives house because this will be in front of it. Look for green and orange stakes. (That's if they are in off season and not shooting anyways)

Joan & Roland's house

General Holden's house
In front of The Holden residence
The Holden's driveway
This would be the spot where in the finale Joan drives up to give good news to Claudia Joy at her house
The Holden's pergola which is right next to their house
The FAKE vines on the Holden's porch.
The Administration building
The Front door to the administration building. Looking inside, it was so beautiful. Just like in the show.
Me in front of General Holden's parking spot...notice the two stars.

Now that was cool, right? Okay, maybe not as cool since you weren't actually there. In doing research of finding these places I could not find anyone on the web who had posted any pictures or anything about the location of the buildings they use in the show. I only found them through an air force wife who lives in Charleston. I was jumping for joy when I saw the first house!! This is my FAVORITE show so to know I got to see where it was filmed was just amazing. I even had to re-watch the season finale when I got home because I was so excited!! I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as I did being there and taking them!! More pictures to come tomorrow of the city of Charleston. Have a great night everyone!!

For those of you wanting to visit Charleston and find these places...

-River Front Park in North Charleston is where they shoot all park scenes as well as many other waterfront scenes. Also, right next to the park is the neighborhood where you can find all of these houses as well as the administration building. When you turn right into the park turn left just before the parking lot and you will immediately see the administration building on your right. Keep driving and you will see the other houses. Unfortunately, Roxy's house was no where to be found. Nor could I find Piedmont place(Roland's office). The old Hump Bar is located across from the POV office. If you drive south from the River Front Park on the King Street Exd you will see the back of it on your left. It is on Meeting Street. If you get to Blu Gorilla Tattoo Parlor you've gone too far south.  I hope that helps anyone who wants to go visit. If you do plan on making your way to Charleston check out my post tomorrow for cool places to go and eat!!

Here is a link to google maps so you can get directions to Riverfront park:
And a link for information about River Front Park:

And here are the mapquest directions from the River Front Park to the Hump Bar...

Latitude: 32.86813 Longitude: -79.9655North CharlestonSC 29405

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1. Start out going southwest on Everglades Dr /Everglades Ave toward Navy Way.
Go 0.3 Mi
0.3 mi
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2. Turn left onto N Hobson Ave.
Go 0.2 Mi
0.5 mi
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3. Turn right onto McMillan Ave / 3rd St.
  • McMillan Ave is 0.1 miles past Truxtun Ave
  • If you reach 4th St you've gone about 0.1 miles too far
Go 0.1 Mi
0.6 mi
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4. Take the 2nd left onto Kephart St.
  • Kephart St is just past Avenue D
  • If you reach Avenue E S you've gone about 0.1 miles too far
Go 0.3 Mi
0.8 mi
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5. Take the 2nd right onto Reynolds Ave.
  • Reynolds Ave is just past 5th St W
  • If you are on North Carolina Ave and reach Dayton St you've gone a little too far
Go 0.2 Mi
1.0 mi
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6. Take the 2nd left onto Spruill Ave.
  • Spruill Ave is just past Dayton St
  • Resurrected Life Ministry is on the corner
  • If you reach Proctor St you've gone a little too far
Go 1.9 Mi
2.9 mi
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7. Spruill Ave becomes Meeting St Rd / US-52.
Go 1.2 Mi
4.1 mi
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  • Your destination is just past Short Aly
  • If you reach Prosper St you've gone a little too far
4.1 mi
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1500 Meeting Street RdCharlestonSC 29405-9334

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4.1 mi4.1 mi
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Total Travel Estimate: 4.10 miles - about 10 minutes

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  1. Heather this is awesome. I wish that I could have been with you =)

  2. Very cool! Looks like you had a blast :)
    I'm a new follower of yours!

  3. I LOVE this! and I am VERY jealous :)

  4. Love me some Army Wives. Ugh, it's so good.

  5. So cool! Love your pix! And I didn't know they shot it in Charleston- awesome!


  7. Yay I'm so glad you posted pictures! I recently moved to Charleston and was absolutely excited when I first saw "The Hump Bar". Which is the one in the picture you have....I was just there in the beginning of June (right before they wrapped up for the season) and that's the one still in use. It had the signs and everything!! I was soo extremely excited when I saw it! And I drove by it by chance lol. And the next night....I almost ran into (literally) Brian McNamara and Sterling K. Brown. Sterling Brown had to turn his shoulder to avoid bumping into me and I could hear their voices up close....I was within inches of General Holden and Roland Burton!!! lol That happened during a visit in downtown Charleston after leaving a bar. Thanks for posting the pics!! I didn't get one of the Hump Bar during the day (I got pics of the sign at night but my camera isn't all that great) so I was bummed about that. When I went back for a pic, they had already wrapped it up for the season. So again....thanks for posting these pics! I was searching the web on how to find the rest of the set used and your blog popped up which was very helpful! :) :) :)

  8. * The Hump Bar is on North Meeting Street. If you get off on the North Meeting St. Exit heading towards Charleston, you'll passy by it on your right just after a carpet store (I believe that's what it is). It is REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY neat to see up close when its all decorated. The building and parking lot are small, but you still get the whole effect. When I first saw it, I even saw the signs on the door (like 'lost dog' signs) that were able to be seen on the show. I LOVE that show so all of that was very exciting! Thanks again for posting locations...I've been looking those up since I'm mostly done looking at the places from 'The Notebook'. :)

  9. Does anybody have directions or street names to any of the houses? I'm going there next weekend and I just really want to drive by and get a picture of a couple things. We don't have much time to spend in Charleston so I want to make sure I know where things are so we aren't driving around wasting precious time :) Thanks!!

  10. Alicia- here's a link to the park on google maps

    There are signs on the way there to help you find it. It's in North Charleston. Once you get to river front park turn left onto the street right before the parking lot and you will immediately see the administration building. Keeping driving and you will eventually see the other houses. It's all old naval housing. Hope that helps! If you need more specific directions you can email me at hewearscombatboots@gmail.com

  11. and here's a link with park info

  12. Thank you for doing all the hard work!! I used this post and was easily able to find all of the spots! I even went to the sound stage! Unfortunately they are either just finished, or preparing the film at the admin building and its way over renovations, with scaffolding everywhere. I was able to drive in the neighborhood and see the houses, and of course the Hump Bar! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

  13. Saw a blogger write that she went to the soundstage.....are there directions you can give?

  14. Thank you so much for posting this! We are in Charleston this week and we found all of these houses/buildings too. We also General Clarke and Jackie's house, which is literally next door the Holdens' like on the show. It will be very cool to see the show again when we get home :)

    A few fun facts about the houses that others might enjoy too:

    -The Holdens' grass is fake (just like the ivy)
    -There is a tree in the middle of the driveway in the front of the Holdens' house (I don't recall this on the show, but I'll look more closely)
    -The ivy at the Hump Bar has grown over the top of the awning
    -The stars at the Administration building were painted over (but it was obvious that they had been there)
    -Joan and Roland's house had fake sunflowers in the front bed.
    -There were chili lights at the Hump Bar in the ivy
    -The light fixtures outside of the Hump Bar had different color light bulbs in them such as green, red and yellow
    -The Airborne Division on the Admin door was gone :(

    I think we saw Mercer too. I took pictures of a building that I swear is it and there was a park in front of it (Denise was eating there when the doctor told her she should become a Nurse Practitioner), but until I get home and see it on a show, I won't know for sure.

    The houses were very easy to find (and the ones they use are bordered up with white boards if you go during the offseason). The Hump Bar is easiest - 1500 Meeting Street Road (or thereabouts). To get to the houses from the Hump Bar, go north on Meeting and when the roads split, take the right one. You'll end up on Spruille. Take that until McMillan and turn right. Take McMillan until it dead ends. We turned left and took that until we started seeing houses and sure enough, Frank & Denise's house was the first one on the right. The others are very easy to find too - just keep driving around.

  15. Now that we've returned home and watched two more episodes, it was definitely Mercer that we saw. There's not a sign like there is on the show on the building or in the parking lot, but the building was easy to find. It's between the houses and McMillan but I can't remember exactly where.

    And I'm sad to think that the stars were painted over and the Airborne Division emblem was gone because it does appear the show is ending. :( I hope not.

  16. I am in Charleston as of tonight visiting my daughter who just started college here. You have given me some fun stuff to do tomorrow while she is in class!!! Thanks! Love that show. When is their "off season"? I only watch it online.

  17. Got to visit & your directions sure did help! I posted the pix on my FB business page www.facebook.com/artfultwist. I also found one of the other houses online at mountpleasantmagazine.com (I think might have been used as the LeBlancs or Pamela & Chase's house.)Just FYI.....would have to go back & watch to place it in the show....I did get pix of the Clarkes' house, too & the building used as Mercer.....in the shipyard area.

  18. Does anyone know where the long bridge in the marsh where frank drives denise on the motorcycle when they get back together.its a wooden bridge.