23 August 2010

Weekly Weigh In And Donut

Usually I do my weigh in first but I decided to switch them around this week because how AWESOME does my donut look!!!!! Deployment is almost over!!!! I could scream I'm so excited!!
Alright...I'm sure you can see I gained weight. I did HORRIBLE this week. I ate whatever I wanted and never ran. I only have 3 weeks left until my husband returns and I am now 24 pounds away from my goal. It is time for me to kick it into high gear and lose as much as possible in these next 3 weeks. I went to the grocery store last night and loaded up on healthy foods so now I have no excuse for not eating right. I met none of my goals last week so here goes for my goals this week...
-Walk 4 mornings
-Run 5 nights
-Stay within fat and calorie limits for every meal-17g of fat and 300 calories
-NO SODA(even if it is coke zero)

Is there anyone else out there struggling with losing weight?


  1. I'm trying to lose wieght too! I started out so well right after hubby left [17lbs lost!] but the last week or so I've been doing terrible! I'm re-starting today!

  2. I have been debating starting the P90X. It is so intense. I need someone to hold me accountable to doing it though. I know I cannot start working out for awhile because of ovary stuff but at least soon want get going with something.

  3. Just found your blog and love it!

    My husband is coming home for midtour leave in less than a month, so I've been getting my butt in the gym to look fab-a-lus when he gets here!

    Just a side note to Amber- I tried P90X. I lasted one week because I actually gained 2lbs. It was probably muscle, and I've heard this happens and is pretty common especially in the beginning, but I'm the type to indulge in a literal vat of ice cream if I see the numbers go up while I'm trying so hard. However, they say if you push through it's amazing!

    Good luck (and I'll need some too...that vat of ice cream IS tempting.)