22 August 2010

For all you Army Wives Fans

That season finale was a tear jerker, huh? I think I cried the entire time in between taking sips of a glass of wine and blowing my nose with tissues. I think there should be a warning at the beginning of each episode that says, "WARNING: DO NOT WATCH IF YOUR SPOUSE IS DEPLOYED!!" Although, I must say, it was still hard to watch this show even before my husband deployed. My mom and I tend to watch it together and tonight my mom played solitaire on her laptop while watching it and did not shed a tear. I was almost shocked. Finally I looked at her and said, "How can you not being crying right now?" She said, "It's just a show...". Her comment was unbelievable to me. Her brother, my uncle, is retired Air Force and my husband is now also in the Air Force so I would think she would understand why this show hits me so hard and I guess I would think it would hit her too.

Before my husband deployed I remember about twice a month there was a fallen soldier being brought back to the base. I was never able to attend the parade march through the base because I just couldn't deal with it. Call me weak or rude or whatever you want but being a new military wife with a husband gearing up for deployment I just couldn't ever bring myself to go. I have seen and heard of so many families in similar situations that the show Army Wives portrays so it is easy for me to have empathy for the people on the show and for the real life military wives who go through those situations every day. My mom cannot understand this because she has never eye witnessed these types of things. Empathy is a funny think that not many people can take on. People mistake empathy as just someone being emotional but as much as I know I am a very emotional person a big reason why I am emotional is because I can relate to people. I try my hardest to always try and put myself in someone else's shoes to understand what they are going through.

With all of this being said, tonight Army Wives was hard to watch but also so great. In my last post I know I sounded a mess and well I was...but after today and after that episode and the hours conversation I had with my husband I am happy. Still worried, but happy.

My husband's return date got pushed up so we are down to only 3 weeks!! I have butterflies in my stomach and cannot wait to be with him again. It is amazing what all these months apart can do to a relationship. We've had our ups and lots and lots of downs but I love him more than I did the day I married him and my love for him grows every day. I am so ready to have him safe and in my arms again. So, I realize this post probably was a little confusing and jumped around a lot and I apologize but boy is it hard to focus when your husband is going to be home in 3 short weeks!!!!! Have a great night everyone<3>

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  1. Army Wives was so great tonight! I was so relieved it worked out the way it did. And that is great news that your hubby comes home soon! I am so happy for you!