23 August 2010

Baby Legs

There isn't much cuter than baby legs, right? Especially these ones that belong to my beautiful daughter. Can you see her hot pink toes? My mom always paints her toes. She is the only one Little Miss will sit still to have her toesies painted for. These little legs are apart of a little girl who is my whole world. Well just after this picture was taken I was sitting on the couch catching up on reading some blogs and Little Miss was sitting in her high chair eating her breakfast. I looked over at these adorably chunky legs when I saw a liquid dripping down her leg onto the carpet...It was like it was in slow motion. I was in disbelief. I could not believe she was peeing out of her diaper and it was getting everywhere. Her shirt was wet, her leg drenched, and her poor pacifier that was hanging off of her was drowning in pee. Yuck. What a way to start out my day.


  1. Priceless!!!! I love you and miss you darling!

  2. What a little pumpkin- baby rolls are cuter than anything in this world!

    My daughter always red toenails too and insists on showing everyone. Through the winter months, she's constantly ripping off her shoes and socks everywhere we go, so that anyone we talk to can view her beautimousness.