23 August 2010


Alright, in honor of having 25 followers I want to hold my first contest. In thinking of how to do this I decided I want to get to know all of my precious followers better so here are the rules. If you win, you will win a $5 Amazon gift card!!! I personally LOVE amazon. I order so much off of there because they always have the best prices.

*Post a blog post and in this post include:
-a link to this post and the name of my blog
-They say a picture is worth a thousand words soo post a picture defines who you are! It can be ANYTHING! Be creative and have fun : ) I want to get to know YOU better!
-With the picture post a paragraph about the picture and why it defines you.
-Include three random, fun facts about yourself!
-leave a comment on this post with a link to your Contest Entry
-MUST BE A FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG TO WIN(ALSO you get bonus points if you follow me on Facebook hehe)

Have fun!!! I look forward to reading your posts and learning more about all of you lovelies out there!! Contest ends Monday August 30 at 12am eastern time. The post with the most creativity and thought put into it wins. If I get enough response or simply cannot choose I will post my favorites and let you all vote!

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