24 August 2010

Air Force Ball 2010

I discovered yesterday this years Air Force Ball will be in October! Last year it was on our anniversary in september and I was worried that it would be the same time this year because hubby will not be home yet. So it looks like we will be able to go provided we find a babysitter. I was going through and trying on my high school dresses from proms and homecoming trying to decide if any of them would be suitable for the ball this year. Last year I wore the dress to the left. It was a pretty and somewhat simple dress, it worked but this year since the AF ball is so close to my hubby getting home... I want to look like a knockout. Especially since I've lost so much weight! So I'm asking you, blogger community...as far as dresses what do you think is appropriate? Last year it seemed there were so many different styles of dresses. I saw a lot of REALLY short dresses and some super poofy prom looking dresses as well as more simple and traditional dresses. What is your opinion???



  1. Yep, every year. At least at our base there is

  2. I would definitely go for a more traditional dress. My husband and I went for the first time last year and I wore a black cocktail dress that seemed to fit in really well with what most of the other spouses were wearing. There were a few wives who wore 'prom dresses' and asked me if there was a memo that had missed about wearing certain colors or styles (ergo, super bright and poofy).

    Did you guys enjoy the AF ball last year? Hubby and I bailed halfway through- it was at the Peabody hotel so we got a room and spent the rest of the evening watching a movie ;)

  3. We Loved it last year!! We were on the dance floor all night!! I love the idea of getting a hotel room! I wish we could find someone willing take our daughter all night so we could do that.

    Thanks for your input on attire!!

  4. I agree! I think a cocktail dress would be perfect! You could get an amazing pair of heels to go with it and the hubby won't be able to take his eyes off of you!

  5. Heather...I may be able to watch Lena Bena for you so that you can enjoy a night with your hubby at the ball =)