26 August 2010

How to: Be a Friend

If you remember last week I wrote a post on How to Survive Deployment if not, you can read it here. So I decided each week I will write a How To on different topics. Thought it might be fun!
So here we go...

How to: Be a Friend

1.Tell the truth. Never ever lie to a friend. Honesty is key. If she looks fat in those pants...be honest. That's what friends are for!!

2. Stand up for her. Either in front of her face or behind her back...ALWAYS defend her. Do not let someone bad mouth your friend. If you ignore it and say nothing you're just as bad as the ones who are talking.

3. If someone needs you. Be there. Drop everything. Do whatever it takes.

4. MAKE TIME to spend together. You can never be too busy to be a friend. If you live far away then plan a trip, have once a week skype dates. Schedule phone dates. Send text messages...do something!

5. NEVER forget birthdays...or any holidays. Buy a gift or send flowers. No money for presents? Send a card.

6. Don't let rumors, gossip, or drama get in the way of your friendship. We are adults. Act like one.

7. Be appreciative of every friend you have and love them all. Friendship is a true blessing.

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