23 June 2010

From where you are

"So far away from you are, these miles have torn us worlds apart, and I miss you...and I wish you were here"

I hit yet another breaking point today. I really underestimated how hard this deployment was going to be. I broke down and cried so many times today. My daughter was being crazy and I just felt like I couldn't handle it all anymore...welcome to deployment.

As first I was really bitter towards it all and towards my hubby but I've had a change of heart. My husband and I are becoming so much closer through all of this and have really talked through a lot of problems we were previously having. It feels like our love has deepened and we are better understanding each others needs in this relationship. He has been so sweet and so happy when we talk and give the circumstances of what he's going through...I'd say that's pretty great. I really can't for him to come home and to celebrate and enjoy this new deepened love. I love him so much!!!

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