30 June 2010

Run, Forest, Run

I love to run. As I mentioned in a previous post I am trying to lose weight before my husband returns from deployment in 3 months. I started a couple of weeks ago at 178 and am down to 166 as of monday. I hate to publicly post my weight but I think it helps give me motivation. Anyways, I love to run. I used to hate it so much but now that I am feeling better and losing weight I love it. When I run I feel so free, like none of my problems can catch me. I listen to loud music and sing while I run and it just feels like there is nothing in the world that can bring me down. My husband and I have had a bumpy deployment so far and a good run at night really helps clear my mind. The harder the run the better I feel. Afterwards I feel so amazing and so proud of myself, like I'm actually making progress and losing weight and that is the the best feeling in the world. When I look in the mirror I actually like what I see these days and that is a big deal for me. Only 30 more pounds in 3 months. I can do it!!!

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