21 June 2010

Donut of misery...

Here is my donut of misery...To go is the amount of time my hubby has left on deployment and the opposite is how much of it is done. Slighty depressing :( I just can't express how sad I am without him here. Just glad my little girl is keeping me very busy and I have some of the best friends as a support system. Just wish I could speed up time. Have you ever seen the movie Click with Adam Sandler? I would love the remote he has in that movie so that every time my hubby deploys it would fast forward to him coming home! How cool would that be?!


  1. yuck, mine looks about the same w/just a tad more on the done side. sucks either way :| i'm with ya girl!

  2. TOTALLY sucks!!! ugh and his date keeps getting pushed back so my donut keeps looking worse