19 March 2010

Laughs, Lessons, & a shot of Tequila

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday. Originally I had planned a surprise party for him. St patrick's day themed of course! Complete with green beer : ) Knowing my husband and the socialite he is he also planned himself a party...which happened to spoil my surprise. So tomorrow night we will be partying like it's 1999. Now let me give you a little background info on my husband. When we met he was the stereotypical party boy. He would start drinking and be fully clothed but by the end of the night he would be in a thong, cowboy boots, and a sombrero...attractive, huh? And if you don't believe me I have the pictures to prove it!! I, on the other hand was a casual, social drinker. Sure, I was partier for my whopping one semester of college but after that it would just be small get togethers with close friends. I think that is what drew me to my now husband. He was so different from me and so confident and outgoing but me on the other hand had lost a lot of my confidence. I used to be a social butterfly but in years and through hard times I had lost some of that. Being with him made me feel alive and he really defined the idea of living life to the fullest. To this day after almost two years of marriage we are still very very different. It's a good thing I continue to reassure myself but days like today...it drives me nuts. In marriage you are supposed to compromise and you are supposed to love the other person for all that are. This includes their flaws and everything that is different from you. This is a daily struggle for us. But the power of love is amazing because when it's real even in the midst of a big fight you still are head over heels for that special someone. Every time my husband and I get into a fight I learn so much about myself. I'm not sure why this is but it sure is a good thing. I am NOT perfect and nor is he. Now it's time to accept that. Tough stuff.

I have to say I sure am looking forward to this party and to the many shots of tequila I intend on taking! So drink it down, baby and put a smile on your face! Life is so short, enjoy it!!

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