28 September 2012


Men and woman have different expectations in life. Always have and always will. My husband and I are a prime example of this. We both had different wants, needs, and expectations of his last night in town. I pictured him getting me flowers and having candles illuminating the house. I pictured chocolates and wine and sweet nothings in each other's ears. I picture soft kissing and lots of cuddling. I pictured a night of romance and of holding each other so tight that it felt like if we let go the night would end.

His expectations? His needs? His wants? He wanted a motorcycle ride with his friend. He wanted beer and a fire in our backyard. He wanted a quite dinner with good friends.

I felt like I needed romance and intimate time with my husband to make up for all the time I won't get it. He felt like he needed to enjoy the things he won't get to enjoy the next several months. It's hard not to feel like those other things come before me but I'm trying to be understanding and let him spend his last night the way he wants to. I love him and I'm trying so hard to stay strong. To keep a smile on my face even when I feel like crying. To remind myself that this will only be temporary and that one day he will be back in my arms.

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