10 August 2012


I have been called tough, even strong. So many times people say these things of me and yes, I guess I am tough and strong...most of the time. But I'm also human being. I break down. I cry. Sometimes I feel like I can't prevail. Sometimes I just want to give up. But I push through. I push through the hard times. If I need to breathe, I breathe. If I need to cry, well, then I cry. But after that I suck it up and I move on pushing through.

Things don't always go as planned and life is never easy. Marriage is never easy. Being married to a man who goes halfway around the world for his job....is never ever easy.

It's in these moments when all you can do is look around. Pause. And remember the blessings you have around you because it seems these are the times when we forget about the good and get too caught up in the bad. Life is about living and learning. Life is about love.

Don't give up. Don't forget the wonderful things you have and the wonderful people who love you. Never be too afraid to ask for help. And most of all....never give up. Because you are always much stronger than you know. Sometimes it just takes a breakdown to gain more strength. A temporary moment of weakness to find the strength to pull through.


  1. Pretty much exactly what I needed to hear/read right when I needed it. thanks you.

  2. Very inspirational. I'm having a tough time myself when I just thought things were looking up. Sometimes it just comes and hits you in the face and I can't get right up. But yeah, if this year I am with a military man showed me one thing, that it is how strong I can be and that I will get up again, even when I feel I won't. It's always tought and it sucks so bloody much. And so often I wish it was easier or that my mind would simply stop thinking, that would make it a hell of a lot easier already. But hey. We can't choose. Massive hugs and much love from Germany xx