12 April 2012


Any job you have in your adult life will always have drama. There will always be politics and popularity. Unfortunately, that's just how life is. Is it fair? Absolutely not.

My husband is a hard worker. He doesn't quit until the job is done and done right. So far in his military career he has done well and been well liked. But what my husband doesn't do...is suck up. He refuses to. He wants his hard work and dedication to be what gets him ahead. Which I totally agree with. In the military, like most jobs, sometimes you just have to kiss some butt to get ahead. It's sad to see people who don't do a good job get ahead just because they are 'in' with supervision. My husband is so sick of his job and this base for those reasons. From what he has heard from others at other bases...this one is just bad when it comes to politics.

I keep telling him to just continue working hard and putting a smile on his face no matter what and praying things get better for him soon. I hate seeing him so frustrated. Another guy he works with who I have a certain beef with[because of some seriously terrible things he did to my best friend] is not very good at his job. He's okay but not great. Well, he keeps getting sent on awesome TDY's. He went to Vegas, then Hawaii, and is now headed to Puerto Rico. My husband asks his boss if there are any TDY's coming up and they lie and tell him no only to later find out about another trip this other guy gets to go on. It is just so juvenile.

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  1. Hang in there. Hope things get better for him soon.