12 April 2012

Music That Inspires Me

This is Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional singing 'Dusk and Summer'. I took this video from the front row of the Newport Music Hall back in 2007. Notice the head nod he made to me at 2:29. I was going crazy and we locked eyes and I got a head nod...I almost died.

and this is another video I took...also from the front row but instead of front and center I was off to the right pretty far..with Little Miss in my belly:) This was in October of 2008.

The first time I saw Dashboard Confessional was in January 2007. I then saw them in November 2007, October 2008 and April 2010. In April 2010 I met everyone in the band except for Chris Carrabba...who I am dying to meet.

Well May 6 I will be seeing them yet again and I am already going crazy at the thought of maybe getting to meet Chris. I have been a huge fan of DC since about 2001. They have and will always be my favorite band. Chris just expresses so much emotion in his lyrics and in his voice. Watching him perform gives me goosebumps because you can just feel everything he's feeling as he sings. With every album I continue to be amazed. His music has gotten me through some of the hardest moments in my life. I've sang his songs as I rocked my babies to sleep and this morning Little Miss was singing 'Stolen' with me(You have stolen my heart).

I'm a tough critic when it comes to musicians. I have sang my whole life and have an ear for what sounds good and for what has soul put into it. Music has guided me and comforted me and brought me joy.

Hopefully May 6 I will be able to cross 'Meet Chris Carrabba and get a picture' off of my bucket list. My life will be complete:)

Who inspires you?

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