14 March 2012

Back In the Hospital

I'm sorry for the lack of posts the past couple weeks. After being discharged I was having a hard time doing much at all and was really focused on healing and recovering. I spent that time having to give myself IV antibiotics through my picc line and trying to be with my kids as much as I could while still resting. Well Monday evening I became very ill. I was vomitting and had severe abdominal pain so I headed to the ER. They decided to
Admit me and I have spent two nights here. It was found out the first night that my white blood cell count is high which means I have an infection somewhere in my body but they don't know where it is. I had a ct scan done of my abdomin to make sure everything from my surgery was okay and it was other than just some swelling.

Well this morning I was told I am now in isolation and have VRE which I likely picked up from the last hospital I was in for my surgery. That doesn't explain my high white blood cell count unfortunately though. So they are still doing more tests and looking for answers. This whole experience has just made me question so much. I've had a hard time accepting all of these things that are happening to me. I was a very healthy person before my appendix ruptured. I had never been hospitalized other than to deliver my kids.

And speaking of my kids I'm losing my mind without them. I miss
them so much. When I got out of the hospital the last time I had lost a lot of my milk supply even though I pumped like crazy. Well I nurses my little man every chance possible and built up my supply so much to wear he only needed one bottle a day. I was so close to exclusively breastfeeding him again until I wound up in the hospital again. I'm pumping here but I know it's still going to be hard when I go home which I'm hoping is soon.

The military does not recognize all of this as emergency leave for my husband. He is now using his regular leave which we had been saving to go see family. This simply is insane to me. I'm in the hospital so he has to use his vacation time?!

Please, say a prayer. A prayer for my kids who don't understand why I'm not there. A prayer for my husband who is trying to juggle the kids and house and everything I usually do. And a prayer for me. For healing and strength.