23 February 2012


I am stressed. Like really, really stressed. Like so stressed I feel like my head is going to explode. With less than two months but more than one month(wish I could give exact dates here but I can't) left until my husband deploys I have a list a mile long of things to get done. I have no family here and very few friends. Easter, Little Miss' 3rd birthday, and Little Man's 1st birthday will all be missed by my husband. I'm going to try to make these days special for my kids even if it ends up just being the 3 of us celebrating. I just want to be strong for them. I want to create a stable environment for them while he is gone because I know this will be very hard on them.

My husband is on night shift until he deploys. I'm getting little to no sleep. Little man nurses every 1-2 hours at night.

I'm exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed. I'm pushing through.

It's amazing how we are able to find strength in ourselves when we have no other choice but to be strong.


  1. It is amazing how we manage to pull everything off, even when it seems impossible. I hope things go smooth- and I wish there was something I could do to help out! Hang in there!

  2. In our weakness, His strength is made perfect.

    Love you, lovely!

  3. Wow you sound like me over a year ago. I got out of the military to raise our 2 little boys and moved to Hawaii where my husband was stationed. I got here Oct 1st. We didnt get a home and our HHG until November 7th and he left the morning of Dec 1st. I don't live near the base and I live in Navy housing (we are Army) My husband was scheduled to be deployed 365 days and not a moment sooner. I had no friends, no family and no one to rely on. Its scary but YOU can do this. You have fought for little miss and you can do this. Not sure where you are but you are going to have to step out of your comfort zone to make friends. Take the kids to a busy park to meet other moms. It took me over a month to meet some nice other mommies but it was great because for Easter we did a huge Easter egg hunt at the park during the day and a picnic. At night it was just the boys and I so we went wherever my 6 year old wanted. McDonalds it was! Birthdays are great for trips to the zoo, indoor events, trips to toys r us etc. Take lots of pictures. Skype with the hubby if possible. If the breastfeeding is to overwhelming maybe supplementing might be a good idea for just night. My youngest didnt like the formula thing but due to our 22 hour flight travels my milk dried up. If your reason for breastfeeding is purely financial WIC will pay for the entire thing while your husband is deployed. If its nutritional, I understand wanting to but you dont need the added stress. Life is difficult enough no reason to make the small things more difficult. Take your time adjusting to him gone. come up with a routine for EVERYTHING!!! Plan and then plan again. It goes by fast. My husband was gone a total of 372 days and it was really hard but making some changes really helped. I didnt have a sitter for the kids (Im totally overprotective of my kids and I dont trust anyone. My husband works legal cases and these people scare me). Good Luck with everything. Today is a little stressful. Accept it. Tomorrow is a new day!