29 February 2012

Emergency Surgery

I rarely go to the doctor except during pregnancy. I have to be feeling like I'm dying to go. Well Sunday night I got what I thought was a stomach ache. Over the course of Sunday night the pain got worse and had spread to my lower back. I could hardly sleep because the pain was so bad. Monday morning I debated if I should go to urgent care or not because I knew I couldn't get a same day appointment with my PCM. The only reason I went in is because the pain was so bad I couldn't take care of my kids. Husband stayed with the kids(he was sick and throwing up) and I had a friend drop me off at urgent care.

After waiting for what felt like forever I was finally seen by the doctor. They did blood work and that confirmed the doctor's suspicions. I had appendicitis. I was then taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital. My husband had a friend watch the kids and met me there. The hospital was so busy I never even got put in a room. I was on a bed in the hallway until about 7pm when I was finally taken to pre-op. My husband had to leave to go get the kids so I was on my own. I remember being taken to the OR and switching beds onto the operating table but nothing past that until I woke up in recovery.

My appendix ruptured. Had the hospital put my surgery more of a priority that may not have happened. Other than that the surgery went well. I'm not sure when I'll be able to go home but I'm hoping for tomorrow. I'm in a lot of pain and have three incisions. One of the incisions has a drain(tube stuck in my stomach to drain out the infection).

This is frustrating and scary. This is my first surgery. I miss my kids and my husband. I had to have a nurse bring me a breast pump so I don't lose my milk supply even though the milk is just getting thrown away because of the meds I'm on. My husband and kids came to see me for a short visit today and Little Miss seemed mad and confused. Little man just wanted to nurse but I couldn't nurse him.

Who knew that what I thought was just a stomach ache and I almost didn't go to the doctor for would be something so serious. The surgeon said had I not went to the doctor when I did I might have died.

So take this as a lesson. Life can change in the blink of an eye. Don't ever take life for granted.


  1. So glad you went in - appendicitis is extremely dangerous. Also very glad to hear the surgery went okay. I'll keep you in my prayers!

  2. I'm so sorry! :( I hope you recover well.