22 January 2012

A Peek into Little Miss' Bathroom

Do you know what time it is?? It's POTTY TRAINING TIME! Wish us luck:)

We've got our special potty books, our basket of prizes/stickers, and our potty chart conveniently located right next to our bedtime routine. Little Miss and I had a mamma daughter date to target where we ate popcorn and shared an icee while picking out which awesome big girl undies Little Miss wanted. She had her heart set on the boys toy story ones but boy's undies are made different so we had to pick girl's ones and we ended up with Dora undies. She was so excited when we got home she had to put them on and show daddy right away. From 5pm until 8 when she went to bed she was on the potty about 5 times. She stayed dry until right before bed when she peed in her pants. She is in a diaper for the night and we will begin again tomorrow. She is already so excited about potty training! It's going to be tough because I can't keep her home to potty train because of all of her appointments and therapies but hopefully it will all work out as it should.

My husband made some money selling his motorcycle so today we went and bought new running shoes for both of us and I am SO excited to finally have shoes that fit and our comfortable. I cannot wait to get out and go running to test them out! Overall, today was a GREAT day!

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