18 January 2012


From the time I was young I have loved to sing. Music is something that I can get lost in and it is the best way I know to express my emotions. I sang in choir from the time I was in grade school all the way into college. I was in musicals but never got more than a chorus part. Acting is something I have talent in and always got great parts in plays but what I always wanted was a lead in a musical or a solo in choir. There is just nothing like singing in front of people and sharing my emotions through my voice. I have a such a passion for vocal music...I just wish I had the God given talent that so many others have.

Americal Idol has been one of my favorite shows since it began 11 years ago. As much as I love Idol...every time I watch it...it makes me a little sad. I envy the beautiful voices so many have been given and just wish I had the same talent. I sing to my kids and I sing in the shower and that's about the extent of my performing. If I could sing for a living I would be the happiest person ever. There just isn't much that brings me as much joy as singing music.

The older I get the more I wish I had a place in the singing world. It's not just a little kid dream for me, but a passion. A passion I wish I had talent to back up.

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