08 December 2011

Unconditional Love

When I look at my kids I don't see the messes they make or the sleepless nights. I don't see the crying fits or the puke. I don't see dirty diapers. 

When I look at my kids I see perfection. I see beauty. I see my heart. But most of all...I see love. Unconditional love. 

I never understood what exactly unconditional love was until I had my kids. My love for them is so overwhelming it brings me to tears. They are my whole world. They are my day and my night. They are a piece of me and a piece of my husband. No matter what my kids do in life I will always love them. Nothing, and I repeat NOTHING they could ever do would make me not love them. I may not always be pleased with their choices as they grow up but I will always love them regardless. I am their mom which means I am their friend, cook, maid, biggest cheerleader, and their constant support. They have and will always be my priority. The love I have for them consumes everything I do.

My love for my kids is unconditional and will always be there no matter what. They are the sweetness in a crazy life and a sunshine that lights up a dark sky. 


  1. That is always what I think a parent should feel for a child =)
    While I don't plan on having children, I hope for all kids in this world to be loved unconditionally! Thank you for sharing, this made me just a little happier today!