07 October 2011

31 Days of Love Day 7: Making the Best

It always seems like whenever things get better something always comes up to spoil that 'better' time. My husband got home from a TDY on Tuesday. He was supposed to have two days off because he was gone but instead he had to work 7pm-7am on Wednesday night. His body was and is still so confused. He was in three different time zones in the matter of a week and now is working nights. We thought him working the mids shift was going to be just for this week but it is permanent. Now, when we lived on base and he worked mids it sucked but not that bad. Well now we live about a 35 minute drive from the base without traffic...so it can easily turn into almost an hour during rush hour. 

Now husband leaves for work at 6pm and doesn't get back until almost 9am. He then sleeps until 4 or 5. Kids are in bed at 7. So he sees them for 2-3 hours a day?! Then on weekends he has to stay awake at night so that he doesn't get thrown off before the next work week. So we get zero time together, basically. I want to just scream. I feel like the people without families should work the crap shifts(mids and swings) and those with families should work days but of course that wouldn't be fair.

So, now I am cranky and annoyed because I miss my husband. BUT I am trying to love everything more and need to stay positive. So here we go. I will make the best out of this situation.  To start things off we are going on a date night tomorrow:) I am very excited. We are going with another couple so it will be double the fun. I'm also trying to keep busy and just enjoy the time I have with him.  

I am continuing on the idea of being thankful I posted about in Day 5 and thanking God that my husband has a job even if it means him working during the night.

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This song is exactly how I feel...

"I wanna thank You Lord, for noisy children and slamming doors, 
and clothes scattered all over the floor,
My husband workin' all the time,
Draggin' in dead tired at night,
My never ending messy kitchenAnd dirty dishes."
-Dirty Dishes, Scotty McCreery


  1. Yes, be thankful. It does suck but at least he gets to see the kids every day. With our situation, my husband only gets to come home every 3 weeks...sometimes 4 but we try not to go longer than 3. And then sometimes we have to meet halfway and really only get a day and a half to be with each other. But, we just make the best out of it.

  2. love that song!
    and being thankful is the best, its good to find the light in every situation!

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