29 September 2011

The Truth

Alright readers, there is something we need to talk about. Something that all of you must know. Most of you who have followed me for a while know this but I guess it's good to be reminded and good for those of you who are new readers as well. I want to let you all know why I choose to keep my identity private. But before I do that I want to address a comment I deleted on my post from yesterday. Someone said my blog would be better if I didn't keep things secretive. She also went on to say my kid's names and how she found them out as well as to point out a few places you can find a picture of me as well as a picture of Little Miss.

Yes, if you really wanted to, you could find out a lot of information about me. Anyone who knows how to use the internet could really dig and probably figure out who I am. But, if you do, I kindly ask you don't post it publicly on my blog. I'm sure that comment was not meant to upset me but it kind of did. I have chosen not to post pictures or names of my family on my blog for several reasons and once again if you really wanted to find out these things you could. If you ordered something from my Etsy shop you would also find out my name as well as my address.

I have thought about revealing our names as well as pictures because my kids are VERY CUTE(of course my opinion is biased:) ) and I would love to show them off to all of you because, well, they are my kids and in my eyes they are the cutest kids ever but again I have reasons for not doing that. So here are my reasons for why I keep my identity a secret...

-I want you like to like my blog for the content. I want you to read and like me because you are interested in the things I write. I want you to like me, for well, me. I don't want you to have an opinion based on wear I live, what a I look like, what my husband looks like etc...

-I don't want to have to filter what I write about. I want to be open and honest with all of you. I owe you that as a blogger and I owe it to myself to have a safe place to talk about whatever I want. This blog has gotten me through some very hard times in my life and the last thing I want to have to do is keep things inside instead of letting them out here because I'm afraid of it getting back to people in real life....like someone my husband works with. I would hate for my blog to have an effect on my husbands career. I have seen so many bloggers shut down their blog because they had people stalking them and reporting back to their husband's boss. This blog is like therapy for me sometimes I would hate to have to end it because someone took something I said and tried to ruin my husband's career or something similar happened.

-Safety. My family is my life. There are some crazies on the internet and I don't want any of them coming after my family. The internet can be a scary place which is also why my Facebook profile is VERY private. So even if somehow you found that...you wouldn't be able to see anything other than maybe my profile picture because everything is so private.

Those are the main reasons I keep this blog anonymous. Yes, I have posted a few baby pictures of my kids. Yes, if you look hard enough throughout different accounts of mine on different sites you could find a picture of me as well. Yes, if you stalked me enough and did enough digging you could find the information you want BUT just because you could find it does not mean I am going to hand this information to you on a silver platter.

I choose privacy because it is the best choice for MY BLOG. You can run your blog the way you want and I'll respect you for it. I just choose this way for me.

So to the person whose commented I deleted, you know who you are, thank you for your comment and your opinions. I respect what you think but would prefer if you never post my information publicly. It's fine you found out my kid's names as well as a picture of me but respect my privacy by keeping this information to yourself. I hope you understand why I deleted your comment and why I try to maintain my privacy. I hope you continue to be a reader.

Well now I'm exhausted and need to go cuddle my kids as my husband is gone on another work trip. Happy Thursday everyone.


  1. Wow I cant believe someone would do that!

    You do have your blog set where it notifies you and you have to approve comments? I would be so upset if someone came to my blog and tried to post private information! That is the best way to regulate those kinds of people.