16 September 2011

Sometimes I Wonder...

Let me preface this and say how much I love my life and love my kids and husband. I would never ever trade the life I have with them for anything.

I was on facebook browsing my newsfeed when I saw somebody I went to college with post pictures from New York Fashion Week. She worked backstage of the Max Azria runway show. Then I saw another girl post pictures of outfits SHE designed for BCBG. In case you didn't know I spent exactly one semester in college. My major was Fashion Design with a minor in french. I love fashion. Always Have. I so badly wanted to be in the fashion world and seeing that these other girls I was in school with doing things I have dreamed of...well a little bit of jealousy has ensued.

When I was younger I always said I would never get married and have kids until I had achieved a career I loved and had accomplished all of my own goals. My mom gave up her dreams because she got married and had babies young just like I did. Again, I love my kids and husband but it is hard not to wonder what life could have been like. This past spring I watched the people I graduated from high school with graduate college. I feel so far behind.

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  1. It's never too late! I went back to school and got my bachelors and became an RN with two little boys. In fact, my daughter (third child) was born just a couple weeks before I graduated! It's not too late to follow your dreams, you don't have to choose either family OR a degree :)