13 September 2011

Morning Walks

This morning at 8am I packed the kids up in our double stroller and headed on a walk to the park. It was a breezy 78 degrees and the sun was shining. I turned my country music playlist on shuffle and began a brisk walk out of my part of the neighborhood. We turned onto the main road and in no time were at the toddler park...when we got there I decided I didn't want to stop and kept walking. I decided to take the kids to the park in the back of the neighborhood instead until I realized I forgot Little Miss' shoes. Instead of turning around and going home I just continued walking because today this 5k trail wasn't about losing weight...it was about enjoying the beauty that was surrounding me. As we proceeded around the lake I looked out at the fountain in the middle. The way the sun was shining it made the water squirting out of the fountain look like diamonds instead of water. It was so beautiful. About halfway through the 5k trail we reached my favorite part. It's like a cave of spanish moss hanging from the trees with little spots where the sun sneaks through. It's almost eery to go through this part at night but in the cool morning it is a wonderful sight to see. On my right was another lake shining so brightly from the sun. We continued to walk as I looked down at my stroller. With so much beauty around me I almost forgot about the beauty right in front of me; my babies. They are the most beautiful blessings and I thank God for mornings like this with them. Mornings that are peaceful. Mornings where God shows us the beauty of the masterpiece he has created around us. I am so thankful to live in such a beautiful neighborhood where there are lakes and trails that are almost too beautiful for words.


  1. Lovely. You are gorgeous, inside and out darling. I am so glad you were able to have that time to soak in God's goodness and His blessings to you.

    I love you dearly.

  2. It sounds like you live in a gorgeous place! God is so good.