12 September 2011


My first weigh in was July 25. I had already lost quite a bit of the baby weight without really changing too much but weighed in at 163. Now on September 12...I am one pound away from my pre-pregnancy weight of 153. I weighed in at 154 this morning which for me is a huge let down because last monday I was 154 and was also 154 the monday before that. I worked my butt of this week and was under my calorie goal every day and still didn't lose a pound. My goal was to hit 135 by my birthday(October 27). I've been selling tons of clothes and such on ebay trying to make money to replenish my closet on my birthday. My clothes continue to fit bigger and bigger and I couldn't wait to hit my goal on my birthday and be able to buy new clothes with the money I've worked hard to earn but now that I once again lost nothing there is almost no way I can lose 19 pounds by October 27. It's so dissappointing. I'm so sick of my body and just want to get closer to my goal. And what a bad way to start my third wedding anniversary...

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  1. If you are doing a lot of working out and feel and look slimmer in your clothes I bet you are just not "losing" weight because you are putting on muscle! Soon that muscle will start boosting your metabolism. Dont give up on your goal!