20 July 2011

Need a little Spark?

So today I'm talking about something a little taboo. So if you are looking for a conservative post...you can go ahead and click the X at the top right corner of this screen...if not..keep reading :)

We are military wives. We go months without our spouses and when we are together we are fighting to keep the spark alive at all times because we never know when our spouse is going to leave again. Something I firmly believe to be very important in a marriage is sex and in a military relationship it's something that you don't get to share that often compared to other couples. It's a way for two people to connect on a whole nother level. Without it, a marriage lacks intimacy. It's something so special for only you and your spouse. But even though sex is special and wonderful sometimes it needs a little spice to create excitement. So my question is do you need a little spark back in your relationship? Do you wanna try some new things? Want to create a sensual mood for a night of romance with your spouse?

If you answered yes to any of those questions well then I have an answer. There is this super awesome website called EdenFantasys. They specialize in selling sex toys, lingere, and well just about anything to spice up your sex life. I just placed my first order yesterday and had so much fun picking out the different things and browsing their website. I love the way their site is organized with an entire section for couples. They have tons of massage oils, candles, and romantic kits for couples. They also have storage containers to keep things out of sight and locked up which is great for couples with kids.

When browsing their website I found so many things I wanted. The only downfall was it seemed like a lot of the products I wanted were out of stock but given all of the publicity this website has received lately that is most cerntaintly understandable. It really didn't bother be too much as they have SO MUCH stuff on their website I wanted to try so I had no problem adding things that were out of stock to my wishlist for another day.  One of those things is the Kneed Me Massage Kit. Massages are something I love to give and receive so this kit caught my eye right away. I can't wait until it is back in stock!

My box is supposed to be here Friday and I simply can't wait...and either can my husband.

So, place an order and plan a date night. Your spouse will thank you :)

[Your order will be delivered in a very discreet box so no need to blush when the mailman makes his delivery.]

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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