14 June 2011

Our Wonderful Kids(includes pictures)

[Our handsome son the day after he was born-picture was taken by the hospital photographer]

I don't normally post pictures in order to maintain privacy but I just couldn't help myself in sharing a picture of our handsome son as well as a picture of Little Miss. These will most likely be the only pictures you ever see of someone in my family that is a full on face shot but I thought you guys might like to see them. Little Man is the most beautiful little boy and we are so in love. He rarely cries and loves to sleep. He would probably sleep through the night if I didn't wake him up to eat. Yesterday was his one week checkup with the doctor and he weighed in at 9lbs 6oz. He is a growing boy and gets chunkier with every feeding. The doctor said he looked healthy and was doing great. But, we are almost positive he has severe reflux just like his sister. He has been spitting up like crazy. I don't want to medicate him quite this young and unless it gets bad I will wait until his one month checkup in 3 weeks. It worries me that he is already showing signs of having reflux because I am now worrying if he will have developmental delays as well like Little Miss. If he does we will do everything we can to help him just like we have and continue to do with Little Miss. Beyond the possible reflux he is a champion breastfeeder. His latch his not always correct but we are working on it. He eats great and I am so thrilled. I began attending La Leche Leauge meetings and that is helping tremendously. I love breastfeeding and am so happy that it is working out better this time around. I am so in love with my Little Man :)

[Little Miss at 3 months old-picture taken by me]

Little Miss has now had 4 speech therapy sessions. She has begun to learn sign language as the therapist says it will help with her speech. She now uses the sign for the words 'more' and 'please'. We are working on many other signs as well. She also has learned to say 'Woof Woof' like a dog and 'Vroom Vroom' like a car. She is starting to try and repeat things that we say and is also trying to count. I am so proud of her and the progress she is making. I can tell it makes her happy as well. She is so much happier these days(although she is still a 2 year old so she still throw tantrums). Things are really going great for her and she just learns more everyday.

I'm not sure if I've mention this before but my husband has been doing honor guard. He agreed to do it for six months and will go back to working as a crew chief in September. Yesterday, he went into the crew chief office for the first time in a long time and found out he is next to deploy which means as soon as he finishes out his time in honor guard he will be deploying. I was not expecting that at all but I guess you never really do. Little Man won't be but a few months old and Little Miss will be old enough to sort of understand. During the last deployment when Little Miss was one year old she would wake up almost every night having night terrors. It was rough on her. I'm not looking forward to doing this again but I know it's going to happen so many more times before we are done with this military life. I guess I just got so caught up in the wonderful things happening right now that I forgot about deployments and all of the hard stuff that comes along with this life. I love my husband and don't ever want to be apart but it's something we have to do and I know we will get through it.

My husband took up a second job and his first shift is tonight. It's my first night along with both kids and it's surprisingly not so bad...yet. Little Man is napping in his swing and Little Miss is coloring. I almost can't believe I have time to blog. But I'm glad I did because I have missed it so much and really wanted to give you all an update. I really hope to be back to blogging daily in the next couple weeks. Hope you all are doing great and even though I have not been commenting much I have been reading your blogs:)


  1. Seriously he is so cute!
    Sounds like things are going really well! Thanks for the update

  2. He is such a handsome guy!!! (And little miss, her picture is too pretty for words!!)
    Congrats again, glad things are going so well!