09 June 2011

Our Birth Story

At 6am this morning we were anxiously awaiting a nurse to bring us back to begin my induction. Sitting in that waiting room I kept rubbing my belly amazed that when I leave this hospital I would no longer have my giant belly but instead a handsome little boy who is ours to snuggle and love. After what seemed like forever, my husband and I were taken back and not long after I was hooked up to monitors and by 7:30am they had started my IV for pitocin to get my labor started. My nurse, Danielle, was a young blonde military fiancé. Her husband is army special forces stationed at the same base we are. She was so professional yet so personable at the same time. There were several mistakes made by the hospital I delivered my daughter at and it resulted in me having a terrible delivery and a long healing process. Danielle, as well as my doctor, were set on proving to me that this time and this hospital... It would be different. From the start Danielle made me feel comfortable and safe in her care. I was very nervous due to the awful experience from my first delivery but she made me forget the nerves quickly.

Danielle's focus was making sure I was comfortable and that the baby was going to come out quick but safe. About 8:30 my doctor came in to break my water. Contractions were still bareable at that point but got strong fast and by 10am I had my epidural. Once it took effect I was in such a state of relaxation. It felt amazing. By noon I was 6cm dialated. I called my mom who was staying at our house with Little Miss and told her it was time to come. I also called one of my friends who was going to watch Little Miss while I delivered. Everyone got to the hospital and by 1pm I was nearly 8 cm. My friend ended up staying in the waiting room with Little Miss instead of going to her house since everything seemed to be going so fast. I began pushing and in just 5 short pushes I delivered the most handsome baby boy I've ever seen. He joined this world at 1:53pm weighing 9lbs 5oz and was 20 3/4inches long. They placed him right on my chest and I got to hold him there for about 20 minutes. He was so sweet and just laid there looking at me listening to my voice. I cried and told him over and over how much I loved him. It was such an overwhelming time. Eventually they took him from me to be cleaned off and measured. My mom brough Little Miss in the room and she just stared at him not really sure what to think. My mom took Little Miss home after about an hour and we were then alone with our new baby boy.

My husband and I could not stop staring at him because he was just so handsome. He is the most amazing little boy and he is so loved by all of us. It has been a busy week but a great one. We got to come home Tuesday evening and ever since have been relaxing and enjoying time together with our family. It has been an exhausting week but we are adjusting well. Little Man sleeps really well and is breastfeeding well too. He is such a sweet little boy and I am just so in love with him. Little Miss is starting to get used to him although she still sort of ignores him. Little Miss has had a fun week with my mom though. They went to the pool and have been coloring in Little Miss' new coloring books non stop.

My mom leaves on Saturday and my husband is off until the eighteenth so I may be taking a small break from blogging. I don't have near as much free time as I used to but I'm sure I'll adjust quickly and be back to the blog world. You can check my facebook page or twitter for updates until then.

Hope you all are doing well!!

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