17 March 2011

Baby things I Love

In the midst of the awful things going on I have been blessed with a baby boy who is due to arrive in just 11 and a half weeks :) In preparation for his arrival I have been endlessly searching etsy for some of the cutest baby boy things and wanted to share my favorites.

At the top of my list is this adorable car seat cover. The car seat we have is from my daughter and a bit stained from being spit up on and cleaned so many times. This seller does custom orders as well.
She also can make matching head rests, blankets, boppy covers, and many other fun things!

Next up is this adorable little Newsboy Cap. I love this so much!!

Now tell me is this not the cutest little hanger ever?? Unfortunately I won't be choosing a final name until the birth so I can't get one of these but they are just too cute!
Something else I love is tie onesies!!

That about does it for my favorite things today. I really wish etsy had the option to create a baby registry! I'd much rather have these adorable handmade things that anything else because they are just so special and sweet! Hope you all got a kick out of the cute baby things! Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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