09 February 2011

Cleaning Day

When I moved in with my husband I was 8 and a half months pregnant and had spent 20 years living in the comfort of my parents house. I cleaned my room when I felt like it and was not used to the 'chores' of being a housewife. I had a hard time keeping our house clean when we first moved on base because well I was about to have a baby and then after that I had a newborn. It was tough to say the least. It has taken me a VERY long time to learn to balance kid/dog/cooking/cleaning but I finally have a handle on it. My house now is much bigger than the one we had on base and has tile throughout the main area(living room, entryway, kitchen, dining room) and carpet in the bedroom. My tile floor and I...are not friends. I love that Little Miss and spill all over it and it doesn't stain but I HATE HATE HATE having to clean it. My vacuum just blows the dirt and dog hair around without actually picking it up so I have to sweep and then mop which takes forever and makes this pregnant body ache like never before. Well, last week I scrubbed my tile floor on hands and knees and cleaned not only the floor but the rest of the house for five hours until I couldn't even walk from exhaustion.

Today, I looked around, and wouldn't you know the floor among the rest of the house once again needed cleaning. Now don't think I only clean once a week because I clean way more often but with recent events I slacked over the weekend(and most weekends) and did not do a thing until today. Being that it's been a week since I've really 'scrubbed' the house it actually wasn't that bad but it did need a good 'scrubbing'. So, I put Little Miss down for a nap and tackled the master suite first(Huge shower, bathroom, and bedroom) then moved all the living room furniture and swept and mopped. I did dishes and two loads of laundry and am now cuddle on the couch with Little Miss because I simply cannot do any more. I need a break. I wish husbands knew how hard cleaning a whole house, pregnant, with a toddler is. I would love to switch him jobs for a couple days...because I know at the end of those days my house would be a mess hehe

So today housewives and stay at home moms(and those who work a job on top of this) I salute you and all you do! We are usually under appreciated for all the work we do yet we do it anyways!

I will be giving a belly update soon once I get a good belly picture so stay tuned:)


  1. I had a lot of trouble adjusting to being the house cleaner too. Moving from home where most of it was done for me to our own place where I did it all besides take out the garbage was like culture shock!