18 January 2011

Weight Loss:Before/After Pictures

I had some people ask for pictures so I thought I'd post some. I had a hard time finding pictures because I never have any full body pictures of myself. Heck, I rarely have any pictures of myself. Usually I am the one taking the pictures. So here is the best I could do for before an after pictures.

This pictures was taken on April 28, baby girl's first birthday. This was two weeks before I began my weight loss journey and right before my husband deployed. Weight at the time of this picture was around 175-178. Those jeans are a size 12- I was beginning to grow out of my size ten jeans and could only squeeze into a few pairs.
 This picture was taken at my cousin's wedding in July. I actually lost more weight after this picture but this is the best representation of my weight loss after and the only full body picture I have that somewhat recent...unless you include belly pictures. These jeans are a size 8 and my weight was around 155(lowest weight was 153).
I think I posted this picture before but wanted to repost because it's the most recent full body picture I have. This is obviously a pregnant picture. Those jeans are from high school and about a size 26 or 28 from the buckle. I have not been able to fit these since high school.

So there ya go everyone. Happy weight loss journeys to you all!! 



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  1. You are beautiful - inside and out - regardless of your weight and jean's size. Just sayin....you are pretty amazing.