27 January 2011


When I read the positive on my first pregnancy test with Little Miss I had no idea the impact poop would have on my life. No one told me poop would be something I would have to wash off of myself multiple times or something that could 'explode' out of a diaper. I didn't know poop would even end up coating my dog. When you become a parent poop is something you are forced to deal with. You have to expect it to get all over and sometimes in my case it isn't so comical. Yesterday, Little Miss did not poop. She is quite the pooper and sometimes does it as many as four times a day. Also, every so often yesterday she would start crying and sweating and felt feverish but it would go away a few minutes later. I had plans to hang out with a girl friend but was going to stay home with Little Miss but husband assured me he had it under control and I should go ahead. I just think he wanted some daddy/baby girl cuddle time:) When I got home she still hadn't pooped but was already in bed. Today, right now, she is napping and still no stinkies have come out of her bootie. My friend is on her way over with some prune juice so hoping that helps! So my bloggy friends, say a prayer for poop because Little Miss' tummy needs to let it out to feel better!

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