28 January 2011

Don't Judge Me

Don't you just love people who think they can be apart of and judge every detail of your life? I find this happens a lot on Facebook and it drives me bonkers. I have never once went through my friends on there and deleted people but I'm thinking that time may come very soon. If I don't talk to you on a regular basis and we are not 'real life' friends(other than the couple times we met a million years ago) then I don't want to hear your opinions on my life through a comment or Facebook chat. If I post something...I'm not asking for judgement. If you don't like my life well good for you because you don't have to live it! The thing that bugs me most is the fact that people like to judge me for my good parenting decisions! My daughter is on a schedule unlike 90% of american children and I plan to keep it that way. She has a bedtime and take a regular nap everyday. I do not keep her up until late(bedtime is 7pm). I believe sleep schedules are EXTREMELY important for children especially one as young as  Little Miss and that will not change. If your child is not on a sleep schedule and stays up until 10pm? That's fine. I could care less. Sure, it is not what I think is the best decision but every family is different and every mom does what they think is best. I will not judge you for your decisions and would expect not to be judged for mine.

In my opinion, mothers are supposed to be selfless. They are supposed to put their kids needs before their own. I will always do that no matter what and to be judged for it is insane.


  1. I am proud of you. Stand your ground. Little Miss is blessed to have such caring parents. Whomever said such a thing clearly is ignorant.

  2. Man sleep schedules for kids are probably the greatest things ever. I dont have kids but when I was little my mom had me on a strict sleep schedule. I liked it and she loved it because that was when she could get stuff done around the house. You stand your ground and continue being a great mother.

  3. Amen!! I grew up without a "bed time" but my husband did... & you can definitely tell. He can fall asleep in minutes, but I lay up all night with insomnia most nights. Keep up the good work!