07 January 2011

Oh, military...

Dear Military,
You say family is important but you have an odd way of showing it. Today my back is stabbing and my uterus is aching and I can hardly walk. I am exhausted and in loads of pain. Ya see, my husband took me to the hospital on Sunday because we knew you wouldn't let him off work to take me to the doctor during the week. I would take myself except you don't pay enough for us to afford two cars. Well, he took me to the hospital because I was in pain and feeling awful and they diagnosed me with an infection and gave me medicine. Did I mention I'm 18 weeks pregnant? I thought the medicine was working but now I am in pain again and incapable of taking care of our toddler the way I need to. But will you let my husband off work to take care of his hurting pregnant wife and on the move 20 month old? No, no you won't. Instead you are making him work from 7am till 8pm or later. Things like this make me wonder why you don't care about the families your hard working men and women have waiting at home. If your pregnant wife was sick and incapable of taking care of your daughter would you leave work? Yes, you probably would because you are higher ranking and aloud to basically do whatever you want. I'm pretty sure the plane my husband is washing today will still get washed without his help since you have so many people there working to wash it. And now my daughter is waking up from the hour long nap that she decided was a long enough time to sleep today and I will now be chasing her around even though I can't hardly move. Enjoy my husband, Mr. Military, while I suffer here at home.
A frustrated and hurting pregnant mother of a toddler

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  1. I feel your pain so deeply through your words. hHow incredibly frustrating and unfair. That is too bad that the military cannot recognize the necessity of upholding the family unit and how that affects the job performed. I cannot imagine hubby having to be at work constant worry/concern for you, little miss, and baby. Not even a little compassion after his service and commitment? Just does not seem right, darling.

    SO sorry you have to deal with this. No doubt the added stress is not helping your pain and other symptoms. I love you darling, sending lots of love and prayers and positive thoughts. I hate you live so far away now! :( I would be there in a heartbeat. Sorry so many states inbetween. Stay strong, you can do it. God knows and feels your pain and is right with you. Praying little miss is mild temperment and good listener...even extra cuddly! :) Rest when you can, only do what is necessary - laundry cvan wait, dirty dishes too! Just take care of yourself. I am worried about you! This is so not like you to be going through all this. :((