06 January 2011

I'm battling...

with the idea of going to school and working. Maybe not working full time but at least part time. My dream is to start my own freelance makeup artist business but it takes so much money to begin and right now...we just don't have the funds and honestly I'm not sure when we will. I have been toying with the idea of going to school and becoming a Dental Assistant. I honestly don't even know if I would like it but it pays pretty good and the schooling is only 9 weeks. Also, it would be paid for thanks to MYCAA. But, I would have to put Little Miss in daycare which is expensive and it would hard although after being home with her for almost two years I think I could do it. I would miss her so much though! I'm not sure why I'm sharing all of this with you, I guess it's just a battle in my head I need to get out and maybe looking for advice? If I decided to do this they have a class starting as early as January 24 and I'd be done in 9 weeks and could start working right after-all before the new baby comes. The biggest thing stopping me? The fact I would only get 6 weeks maternity leave and would have to put my new little baby in daycare. I'm not sure I could do that. I truly love being a stay at home mom but I also love having an income. We really can't afford for me to stay home but without school we can't afford for me to work either. Oh, and did I mention we only have one car? I'm at a loss of what to do and like I said before I'm not even sure I would like dental assisting. I'd be doing it for the money to support my family with because when you have babies you make sacrifices and you do what it takes to provide a good life for them. and who knows? maybe I would love it. I think I'm going to have a heart to heart with my husband tonight and discuss all of this with him and see what he thinks. I used to think he wanted me to stay home and raise our babies but with all of the financial problems that have arose he seems to really want me to work...


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

    I currently go to school and work as well. I just started my new job this week and will start full time Monday. My boys are 9 and soon to be 4. They both love going to daycare. My youngest did start daycare when he was 6 weeks and it was rough. But he was only in until he was like 7 months and then I was a stay at home mom for like 2 years. Right now, all my classes are online so it makes going to school easy. One thing we had to look at is to make sure that with working and paying daycare you are still making money. When we lived in PA, I was barely clearing after paying daycare so there really was no point in working other than the little bit I was bringing in did help just a little. Best wishes with what you choose!

  2. How about a third option?

    What if...go with me here...you ran your own daycare? Well, not exactly, but what if you watched other people's kids, as well as your own, during the day? You wouldn't have to leave your new baby with anyone else, you would still get the time with lil miss and get income as well! I know it's not make-up artistry- but in my mind it beats the heck out of working in a dentist's office. (But that's just me!)