02 December 2010


I am so excited to announce this giveaway!!

A little Background on this awesome group called Products for Good:
In the spring of 2003, coalition forces were called to secure the banks in Basra, Iraq. Upon doing so, they found a collection of brilliant un-circulated Iraqi coins that were decommissioned by Saddam Hussein at the end of the first Gulf War. Although the coins could not be used for monetary purposes, what they symbolized was invaluable. Because the coins represent freedom and the sacrifices made to preserve it, the coalition forces wanted them to be a part of doing something good. So they decided to auction off the coins and use the proceeds to rebuild the orphanage in Basra that had been destroyed during Saddam's reign.
In keeping with the intent to do something positive with the Iraqi coins, in 2004, we founded Products for Good and purchased the entire coin collection to create good works for as many people as possible. We used the coins to develop a line of products that would give everyone an opportunity to honor and express their gratitude to our men and women in uniform. We also chose Cleveland Vocational Industries (CVI), a facility in North Carolina that provides work opportunities for mentally and physically challenged individuals, to assemble our products. And last but certainly not least, we created a plan to donate over $20 million to charities that help our men and women in uniform and their families. A percentage of every dollar generated from the sale of our products (before any expenses are paid) is sent immediately to charities that include USA Cares, the Folds of Honor Foundation, The Aleethia Foundation, Tragedy Assistance Project for Survivors (TAPS), Helping a Hero and The Gerald T. Parks Memorial Foundation.
From the mentally and physically challenged Americans who assemble our products to the recipients who feel recognized when they receive them and the wounded and their families who benefit from our donations, every Products for Good gift tells a story of honor, hope and gratitude. We look forward to hearing yours.

So now that you know how AWESOME this organization is let me tell you what they have decided to give one of my super great readers :)
Yes, that's right one of you will be receiving one of these beautiful coins. What they represent is freedom and are a great gift to anyone affiliated with the military, especially for veterans! I have this coin and will be the one shipping it you and I must say it really is pretty awesome! It will come with a Products for good brochure and a certificate of authenticity. This would be neat to win to pass on to your military husband for Christmas:)

Now here are the ways to enter. For each entry please post a comment.
1. 'Like' He Wears Combat Boots, I wear Stilettos on Facebook as well as Products for Good(2 entries)
2. Follow me on twitter(1 entry)
3. Write a post on your blog or Facebook about Products for Good and why you think what they're doing is important and post a link to your post in a comment to this blog. Also, make sure to link back to this post. Mention this giveaway as well.(3 entries)
4. and the easiest way to enter? Post a comment saying what you want for Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate :) (1 entry)

**I hope this wasn't too confusing. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email at hewearscombatboots@gmail.com


  1. SO COOL!!

    Ok, first the easiest one. What I want for Christmas is a fancy Nikon Camera. Not sure if "Santa" thinks I have been THAT good this year, but I might be able to beg one anyways :)

    I will write a blog post tomorrow and come back to comment so you know I did!

  2. Oh and when does the giveaway end?