05 December 2010

I'm retiring...

I'm retiring my old things and having a yard sale next weekend. I haven't even finished unpacking my boxes of clothes from moving into this house because I knew I needed to get rid of the majority of them. Most of these clothes I've had for six years or more!! I can easily get rid of other things but for some reason I have an attachment to my clothes. I have so many memories in these clothes and it seems like they are the one thing from my teenage years that I still have. I am one of those people that has about a thousand t-shirts from growing up. I have softball shirts, shirts from theater, from the dentist, senior/junior/sophomore/freshman t shirts...basically t shirts from everything. But I can't get rid of them. It's horrible. My other clothes are hard but I can do it...my t shirts? no way. I am toying with the idea of making a quilt out of my tee shirts though that way I can have the memories without the stacks in my closet.

I went through a whole box of clothes today and kept a little more than half of that box and got rid of the rest(a lot of it was tee shirts and sweats which is mostly what I kept) so I am pretty proud of myself. After that one box I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack. Thankfully my mom called just in time and reminded me that I need the money to decorate my house from this yard sale and that I would feel so much better after. She is so right but it is still so hard! I'm hoping I can just get the rest done tomorrow and Tuesday so I don't have to think about it the rest of the week because it seriously stresses me out! It's something I have to do because all of these boxes are sitting in our spare room(also the soon to be baby's room) and my mom will be here for Christmas and will need to stay in that room. I also should mention that more than half of the clothes in my closet don't fit and I probably should get rid of them. If you have been reading my blog for a while then you know last may I began a weight loss journey when my husband deployed and lost about 25-30 pounds. I have probably ten pairs of really nice jeans(from Express which if you shop there you know those babies aren't cheap but I worked there and got a discount) that are all way too big! I only have about 2 pair that actually fit well and those include a super tight black skinny jean and my new maternity skinny jeans(technically they are jeggings but whatever). I have two more that sort of fit and I can wear but they are a bit big. The rest...well I drown in them. But because I invested money and super awesome discount from when I had a job into these jeans I just can't get rid of them..yet. I am thinking if I am still this size after baby #2 is born I will sell them all and buy new because losing weight and keeping it off after having a baby is something to celebrate with new jeans, right?! Right :) Everyone please send me some good getting rid of stuff vibes because I need it! Some motivation would help too!

So here's to cleansing ourselves of the old and welcoming in the new!

btw- if anyone has any advice on garage sales, getting rid of things or anything remotely related I would love to hear it! This is my first of garage sale since getting married and starting a family and you guys all give the best advice :) and as always feel free to email me with anything on your mind at hewearscombatboots@gmail.com

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  1. You should try to sell your nicer clothes on ebay and craigslist. People who go to garage sales expect to pay next to nothing. It is more work, but you will get more money back.

    Proud of you!!

  2. I found a great website for you to check out:

    - http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/254385/how_to_sell_your_used_clothing_make.html?cat=35

    - http://www.wikihow.com/Sell-Used-Clothing

    - http://www.ehow.com/how_4666455_money-selling-used-clothes-ebay.html

    - http://www.life123.com/beauty/style/shopping-tips/how-to-sell-used-clothes-to-a-second-hand-clothing.shtml

    Be sure to check each of them out. They each have different tips/suggestions that are really great. Hope it helps and is encouraging!! :) Love you.

    OH....is there like a Plato's Closet or Clothes Mentor store or something similar near you? Google says that there is a clothes Mentor in Clearwater, FL. Not sure if that is near you or not. There are Plato's Closets in Tampa, too. You will get more money from a store like them as opposed to a yard/garage sale.