17 November 2010

Wednesday- How To: Keep Christmas Alive From Far Away

Like I told all of you in a past post this year we are staying home for the holidays. It will just be my hubby, Little Miss, Our Pup, and me. It's hard knowing our families will be celebrating without us as we are both very family orientated people but I have come up with a few tips to keep Family Christmas Alive...even from far away..

*Download skype. An awesome gift to send family members as a Christmas present is a webcam. This way you can share special moments via the computer. Whether it's eating dinner together or opening presents you can do it all through the webcam. Of course nothing compares to actually being together but this is as close as you can get.

*Send holiday photo cards. Shutterfly is an awesome site. We will be getting our holiday cards from shutterfly.com. My favorite is this one because I have so many adorable pictures of Little Miss and not many family photos. This way I could include photos of all of us. I also really like this one and this one. Hard to choose just one because they are all so cute! To me, Holiday cards are so important when you are far from family-especially photo cards. We get photo cards for several holidays and our family and friends love them! Whoever invented these is a genius! I cannot wait to send ours out!

*Have your family call you or skype you when they receive their gifts and visa versa so you can still catch their reactions to what you give them!

*Keep pictures of family nearby during celebrations so you don't forget the people who love you when you start to feel lonely :)

*Make memories and traditions of your own. Ones that can be special to just you, your spouse, and your kids. 

*Cook a big meal. In our case there is only 3 of us eating but regardless I am still cooking a turkey and many side dishes even if I don't have all the mouths to feed...still makes yummy leftovers!

*Invite other people who can't go home over. My hubby works with many single guys and lots of them cannot afford to fly home for the holidays or for both Thanksgiving and Christmas so we are inviting anyone who will be here over to our house. It makes me feel good knowing they get to have a home cooked meal and celebrations and also makes us have a lot more fun and be less lonely.

*Throw a Christmas Party Complete with a white elephant gift exchange with friends a couple weeks before Christmas(that way they aren't out of town).

*and lastly, remember the reason for the season and try to be joyful at all times possible. Tell your family how much you love them and thank them for being so wonderful!


  1. Hi, i could not find your Email to reply back to you from your post on my wall. but my hubby went in to basic september 20 ( I think) and graduated Nov 21, 22. lol. Not weird at all to ask. What a small world if this really happened.

  2. You forgot one!

    *Take a small road trip down to Josie's house for a nice Christmas lunch/dinner sometime before the end of the year.

    Want to???? (We would love to have you !!!)