21 November 2010

Oh My Bed!

My house was painted when we moved in and for the most part, I love the colors. Except our bedroom...it is a super pale pastel blue and in dim lighting looks white. Three of the walls in our room are blue and one is white. In our old house the walls were white and I did my best on a tight budget to make the room cozy and decorated. Our new room is bigger in size and we have HUGE walk in closets so we no longer need the hand me down dressers which are currently in our garage. Our bed is simply on a frame with no headboard or footboard. Our duvet cover...a solid cover. So as you can tell it's extremely boring.

Unfortunately right now we are pretty low on cash so there is no way I can afford to decorate. I have a dream in my head of the room I want but getting there will take time due to our current financial situation. My vision? Well I can't paint the walls due to the little cupcake in my belly so I plan to wallpaper one wall with a damask silvery wallpaper. On that same wall I want to put against it a desk with silver candlesticks. I want a new duvet cover, shams, sheets, and bedskirt. Then, I want to take a curtain rod and put it just below the ceiling behind our bed. Draping from the curtain rod will be beautiful plain colored fabric(navy or dark purple). This fabric will replace the absence of a headboard and make the room seem bigger. For nightstands? I want mirrored nightstands and they have some at target for about 70 or 80 bucks. On top of that I want something pretty at the end of the bed(a bench perhaps?) and a some kind of pretty velvet chair in the corner. I also wouldn't mind a nice area rug to cover some of the boring carpet....

I'm not sure why I felt the need to write a post on this..maybe to get my ideas down or maybe to ask for opinions? Maybe somebody knows of some free money for military families to decorate? hahaha Anyone have cheap ideas for redecorating a room they want to share? Or maybe advice on how to save money to decorate with? Anything really :)


  1. Sounds nice. Try looking at yard sales for the candle sticks and night stands to save some cash. I might also try your local good will or used clothing/furniture store to save a buck or two. I'm into the old rustic romantic feeling for bedrooms so the used furniture and nick nacks are great if youre trying to achive something like that. I love the idea of a bench at the foot of your bed. Have you concidered an old wooden chest? Looks great and stores extra pillows and blankets. Happy Decorating!

  2. Thrift it girl! Check out www.thenester.com for ideas and see how she create some awesome stuff from nothing and "shopping the house." There are others too but she is where I started. Just popped into your blog today and looking forward to reading the archives!