09 October 2010


It's 4am. I'm in the car and we are driving to my mom's house for a couple days then heading to my in laws house. It's a ten hour drive to my mom's house plus stops which we have to make pretty frequently with a dog and a toddler. My husband decided to drive at night because he is currently on the night shift at work. Well at 3 we pulled off so he could rest his eyes. My dog has been so tired the whole way. Let me just say my dog is one of a kind. She is ready for bed no later than ten and if you keep her awake past then she gets bags under her eyes and looks at you with so much sadness. This whole drive she has wanted to sleep so when we pulled off I thought she'd sleep like the rest of us but boy was I wrong. She sat and stared out the window watching for anyone who might be hurtful to us. She is not big weighing in at only fifteen pounds but does stand tall due to her miniture pincher stature. She is small but still is a great protecter. It's amazing the loyalty my dog has for me and my family and the love she has for our toddler despite the ear pulling, hitting, and constant sticking of her fingers in my poor dog's nose. Dogs are amazing creatures and until you've owned a good one you can never understand. They can sense when you're upset and know just what to do make you smile again. They know when you're happy and are waiting to play. And no matter what you do they will always love you. A dog's love is unconditional. So now go hug your fur babies and tell them how much you love them! I have a picture to add to this post but I'm on my phone so whenever I get a chance I'll try to remember to add it. Night everyone:)

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