12 October 2010

Money Saving Tuesday:Search & Win

Search & Win

There is this awesome site called Swagbucks. I have been a member for a long time now and let me tell you it is AWESOME!! Basically it is a search and win site. I use it in place of google. You can click the picture above to sign up then download the toolbar and you can use that to search the web(or just use the website). Every so often(usually once or twice a day for me) when you do a search you will win a digital dollar called a swagbuck. These swagbucks can be used to redeem for prizes. The best value prize is a $5 Amazon gift card. I have gotten almost $200 for free in Amazon gift cards from swagbucks! You can combine as many gift cards as you want to use for a purchase. Last year I used the giftcards to pay for Christmas presents and plan to do the same thing this year.
Other ways to earn swagbucks:

-Swagcodes are randomly released in the swidget(I have one on the right side of my page), swagbucks blog, swagbucks facebook page, swag hunts, and through the toolbar
-daily polls
-Special offers page
-Certain tasks
-shopping through swagbucks.com

I cannot say enough good things about this website!!! I highly recommend you sign up. Click the picture above or CLICK HERE to sign up.

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  1. Very Cool. I've never heard of them before- thanks for the heads up!