25 October 2010

Joy-Suckers & How to Handle Them

As all of you know I have some exciting news and although I have not released what it is yet I'm sure most of you already know from the hints I've given. Don't worry the big announcement is coming soon!

Something I've been dealing with is people being unsupportive of the decisions I make in my life. At the young age of 19 I met my husband(he was 22). Three months later I had a positive pregnancy test and we decided to marry. No one agreed with our vows except out parents. My best friend and many of my family members thought I was crazy and made it known to me. It was very hard to know that so many people didn't trust my maturity level enough to know I was making the right decision. I have always been well beyond my years and it saddened me that so many people questioned us. My husband and I have had our fair share of struggles but we aren't kids. We knew what we were getting into and we are always committed to doing whatever it takes to make our relationship as strong as it is. We are VERY in love and I would never change our decision to marry young. Many people have eased up on us but some still seem to hold resentments toward us. My husband is an amazing father and a very loving husband and I like to think I'm not so bad myself ; )

We are doing very well, I am 21 with a beautiful house, and a nice car, and a wonderful almost 18 month old. Yet, still to this day people question us. Well our exciting news has been such an amazing blessing. We shared the news with family and close friends and I thought everyone would be so excited for us but unfortunately that wasn't the case. The majority were estatic but there were still those who questioned us. It really hurt. And it's the people who I really hoped would be happy who weren't. I am an adult and don't understand why I am treated like a child by these people.

It's been really frustrating and emotional and it's part of the reason I've been waiting to share our big news. But what I've learned is that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks. We are happy and THAT is what matters. NO ONE can steal this joy away from me : ) In situations like this you just have to remember that no one knows your life like you do and no one knows what is right for you! I am holding my head up high because I am so proud of the life my husband and I have created for ourselves. So many girls who get pregnant out of wedlock or a committed relationship don't take charge of their life and I was one of the few who did. Our baby girl was an accident turned blessed. We could never imagine our lives had she not come along. We love her more than anything in the world! If not for her my husband and I would not have been married when we did and who knows if our relationship would have survived basic and tech school had we not married. Our daughter brought us together and made us stronger. I am so madly in love with my husband and could never imagine my life going a different way. He is my rock and I no longer care what anyone thinks about us and our decisions. We are adults with a steady income and a good life that we take so much pride in. So everyone that disagrees with our life can shove it :)


  1. Well...I'm pretty sure what the announcement is...so congratulations! Don't let people's reactions let you down- if they love you, they're really just looking out for your best interests but may be misguided. If they're not in your close circle, they might be jealous or just feel like judging to be catty. But who cares? As long as the family that you've created is happy and healthy, everything else falls into place or falls by the wayside.

    EITHER WAY, a big congratulations from me and I can't wait to read all about it! :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS... {on whatever the announcement is ;)}

    Do not let any one take away all the joyous moments that you should be enjoying with your family! Just because you're young does not mean you are not meant to live the life you have made for yourself! You should be proud of the things you have and have accomplished. I know it can be hard- BELIEVE me I know... but be strong and don't let any stress get to you!

  3. I love when you said, "I am holding my head up high because I am so proud of the life my husband and I have created for ourselves." So very well put! People are always entitled to their opinions, but after a while, you'd think they'd see how happy you two are and BE HAPPY FOR YOU! It's so unfortunate, but I'm glad you're not going to let it bring down your happiness. I have an idea as to what your announcement is, but I can't wait for the big reveal. :)

  4. I don't think what you did makes you a child at all not many people meet their true love and know right away i think if god wanted you to be with him this is the reason your "accident" happened he didn't want you to miss out on such a great guy and such a wonderful experience of being a mother i think your doing a great job and it's not easy when your a family member of someone in the military and your always going to have people disagree with your decision but thats because they've never experienced such a love you felt with your husband so in conclusion keep your head up your doing great!